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CytoSelect™ 48-well Cell Adhesion Assay (Fibrinogen, Fluorimetry)

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CytoSelect™ 48-well Cell Adhesion Assay (Fibrinogen, Fluorimetry)
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(CBA-051, 053, 057, 059, 061, 071) GHS.pdf
Type of reagent
Cell Based Assays
Related techniques
Cell Based Assays, Cell Adhesion, 48-Well ECM Cell Adhesion Assays
Use of the reagent
Cell adhesion is a complex process involved in migration/invasion, embryogenesis, wound healing and tissue remodeling. Cells adhere to the extracellular matrix, forming complexes with cytoskeleton components that can affect cell motility, differentiation, proliferation, and survival. Our CytoSelect™ 48-Well Cell Adhesion Assays provide a fully quantitative method for the evaluation of cell adhesion. The 48-well plate is precoated with Fibrinogen.
Cellular use
Full quantification of cell adhesion with no manual cell counting
Protocol information
Plates precoated with uniform substrate layer of Fibrinogen
Living modified organisme in this reagent or LMO
Not applicable
Conjugation and form
host specific
Species compatible to
human cells and cell lines and other cells
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Molecular biology
the sequence of the protein
The concentration in mg/ml in a 10mM of buffered solution at pH 7 to 7,50
Molecular weight
This reagent is purified
cell adhesion molecules play a role in cell growth and activation and are often identified by WB or ELISA as in the CytoSelect™ 48- Adhesion Assay (Fibrinogen, Fluorimetry).For cells, cell lines and tissues in culture till half confluency.
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