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Assay kit for Fibrinogen (ELISA)

General information

Catalog number
E02F0007 -96T
Assay kit for Fibrinogen (ELISA)
780.00 EUR
1x96-wells test plate

Detailed information

Original name
Rat Fibrinogen ELISA kit
Reacts with
Assay sensitivity
1.0pg per ml
Detection range
find more technical details in the user manual
ELISA type
Kit configuration
1xMicrotiter test plate; 1 vial x Enzyme conjugate; 1 vial x STANDARD A; 1 vial x STANDARD B; 1 vial x STANDARD C; 1 vial x STANDARD D; 1 vial x STANDARD E; 1 vial x STANDARD F; 1 vial x SUBSTRATE A; 1 vial x SUBSTRATE B; 1 vial x Stop solution; 1 vial x Wash solution (100x); 1 vial x Balance solution; 1 x protocol
Reproducibility of the results
Intra-Assay: Coefficient of variability is lower than 10%; Inter-Assay: Coefficient of variability is lower than 15%
Cross reactivity
There is no indicative cross reactivity between the antigen and its analogues detected during the testing of the product Assay kit for Assay kit for Fibrinogen (ELISA)
Product storage
The product Assay kit for Fibrinogen (ELISA)should be kept between two and eight degrees Celsius to ensure the retention of the stability and reactivity of the reagents included in the kit.
The product Assay kit for Fibrinogen (ELISA) is intended to be used for research purposes only. It is not testesd for application in diagnostics.
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